On the dashboard, information is always at your fingertips.
Click on one of the numbers to see details.

Fuel scheduling information is easy to understand.
Click on one of the numbers to see details.


This is the billing information.

  • An Automatic customer
  • B means: On a Budget
  • Two Lines for address and PO
  • Three phone numbers
  • Can be found using short account number
  • Notice the Fuel Gauge
    Normal drop is 175
    Today they need 156



This is the Site Information.

  • A customer can have many sites
  • A Ticket has been printed
  • A Work-Order has been printed
  • SC-A-09 Has service contract type A. Begins in September
  • Last Charge - last credit and overdue amounts shown
  • Last burner clean.
    Date is green. Recent

This is the customer's fuel gauge.


The number on the left is how many gallons are needed today.




The number on the right is the normal delivery for this customer.






If you click on the fuel gauge, you will see a fuel usage graph.  At the bottom of the graph, "Choose an Ending Date" lets you research previous months and years.


If you click on "Show Details" (Red Arrow above), you will see a list all the transactions.


If you double click on a line, you will see the detail of the transaction.  Then you can click on "Print" to see and print an invoice.

Incredible detail whenever you need it.


The customer might have more than one site.  This shows the customer's total balance as well as the balance of this particular site.


There are two lines of delivery instructions that will be printed on meter tickets and service work orders.


The customer is in delivery zone 11.  They get a 10 cent per gallon discount.  Their credit rating is 'A'.  By clicking on "Add QP", the customer is added to a QuickPick list allowing you to group several customers and generate a report on just them.


The customer has two fuels sheduled:  #2 Oil Residential and Clear Kerosene.

The #2 Oil  has a ticket printed.  It is set for Automatic deliveries.  It is used to make hot Water.  The optimum drop is 175 gallons.  The tank size is 275.


There is a work order printed for Burner Service.  The last Burner Clean was 9/21/08


Unlimited notes can be written and saved

These can be printed out if you need to go to court.


Left side:
A/C/S/I  Auto/Call/Service/Inactive
W/H      Oil fired hot Water or Heat only
Tank size
Drop      Optimum delivery set by you
ITA        In Tank After last delivery)

Right Side:
Date  Last delivery
Qty    Quantity last delivery
YTD   Year To Date Gallons

R/C/F  Retail minus  Cost plus  Fixed price
Price per gallon
C/P     Capped price   Fixed Price
Contract gallons Purchased and Remaining


Both Winter & Summer Scheduling of deliveries by:
K/D/C/G  K-factor  Degree days between  Calendar days  Gallons per day
Loc         Tank location
Disc        Discount allowed per gallon


Delivery history:

Years worth of deliveries shown with date, gallons, price, actual usage factor and whether the delivery was in winter or summer


If a ticket is printed this shows:


Each customer can have up to four different fuels scheduled:
Each fuel has its own schedule and can be based on any of the four usage factors