Why You should be using DRM, Inc Windows

Simple? User Friendly? Yes.
Flexible? Powerful? Yes

The DRM, Inc system:

  • Has unparalleled, friendly customer support.
  • Is loaded with features that comes from over 30 years experience working directly with fuel dealers.
  • Is the easiest fuel delivery system to use bar none. Find a customer and take an order in a few key strokes.
  • Is flexible and extremely customizable. Print just the information you want to see on a meter ticket. When tax rates change you don't need an upgrade.
  • Schedules deliveries by k-factors, degree days, calendar days or gallons per day.
  • Has powerful emailing capabilities to help reduce your dependancy on costly paper mailing.
  • Can price and invoice all your annual service contracts at once.
  • Has amazing intuitive reports that get you to the relevant information with a few clicks.
  • Can schedule automatic credit card payments.
  • Tracks Fuel Assistance and Pre-Buy accounts.
  • Manages Fuel, Parts & Propane Tank Inventory.
  • Is built on a foundation of Microsoft SQL Server. It's scaleable so it adapts to your growth. The system works equally well whether you have 500 to 50,000 customers, or 1 to 50 users.
  • Interfaces with Digital Dispatcher, Base Engineering and Fleet Navigator mobile devices.
  • Interfaces with Mid:Com and LC electronic meters.
  • Interfaces with Droplet Fuel, EnerTrac, OtoData, Tank Utility and Wesroc Tank Monitors.
  • Interfaces with GasBoy, PetroVend, and FuelMaster Card Lock Systems.
  • Offers an amazing, user-friendly Customer Care Portal that provides your customers with the convenience of ordering and paying online.

Software for the Fuel Delivery Business

We have been developing computer software specifically for small to medium sized Fuel dealers since 1983. To date, over 850 Fuel Oil and Propane dealers from Alaska to the Canadian Maritimes and throughout New England are using our Fuel Delivery system.

We give you all of the tools that you need to increase the efficiency of running your business; billing, scheduling, dispatch, pricing, budget plans, service and maintenance, emailing, fuel-assistance, pre-buys, credit card processing, and analytics are just some of the key features that help save you time and money.

DRM, Inc is priced lower than most other fuel delivery software packages.

We know how important service is and we have the best in the industry. Our system is backed by the support team you can depend on. You deserve friendly, patient, reliable help at the time you need assistance, not hours or days later. In addition, the DRM, Inc system has a comprehensive built-in manual and we offer additional training as needed.

Please call us now for a demonstration at (800) 255-5242

Your customers can now order fuel and/or request service from the Customer Care Portal

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