Who Uses DRM Windows

David & Keith

We have been using DRM for about 16 years now. The newest version is wonderful. We are still finding many new features which simplify and improve our operations.

Over the years we have had crashes to our computers (most recently a lightning strike), user screw ups, and just plain stupidity on our part.  Both of you have been patient and comforting during these times, and you have always solved our problems, even while we were sure these catastrophes were fatal to our system. I can't say enough good things about the two of you. 

Looking forward to many more years of continued business with DRM and David & Keith.

Cliff Messick
Messick Fuel Supply, Inc. NJ

Hi Dave & Keith,

You know I think you guys are wonderful! The "new" DRM software is great to work with and has so many time-saving features and reports. Any information that we need is really at our fingertips. I am frequently amazed because I find out it does something that I wasn't aware of before, even after using it for months. I'll be happy to say whatever you want me to say for your website.

Patricia Limauro
James Heating, CT

DRM is the only computer program we have ever used, In 1992 when we began our search for a computer program theirs was very affordable & easy to use. It gave us everything we were looking for & more. They came to our office in Maine & worked with us until the installation was complete and our questions answered. Whenever we have had a problem their support is fast & accurate. If something comes up & they don't have the answer immediately, when their research is complete they are on the phone with the information right away. I can't imagine working with anyone else.

Connie Greenleaf
Russ Williams Fuel, ME

Rohde Oil

Keith Is the Greatest! Seriously, We couldn't do it without your guys, Thanks for making our job easier and always being there when we need you.
It is rare to find people that sincerely care and Dave and Keith truly do.

Thanks from all of us.

Rohde Oil Company, CT

Hi Dave,

Everything is working smooth - if you didn't notice, we needed hardly any training.


Henderson Fuel, OH

HI David & Keith,

I have dealt with David at DRM for almost 20 years & Keith for shorter. To say they've treated me professional and accurately, is an understatement, I can only say "GOOD LUCK" in all your projects as I can only hope to be a part of them!


Edward R. Button
President..Button Oil, PA

Dave & Keith,

We have been together almost 26 years. Now that I have really gotten into the new version of the oil software I just wanted to say that two of you did a really nice job. It is so much easier and user friendly. See, even with the second program I hardly call either of you.

Mary Lou
Gargiulo Bros. Oil, CT

Having worked with several custom oil packages I have found DRM to be the most user friendly of any. Information at your fingertips while you are talking to your customer.When you add this to the tremedously high level of support I can't see myself ever entertaining other software.

Take care

Mike Albee
Canal Fuel, MA

Dave & Keith,
Thank you for all your help. We are very happy with the program and you provide excellent customer service.

Peter J Unwin, Manager, Vaincourt Fuels, New York

We have been working with DRM since June 08. This program is very dependable and very easy to work. If one of us has any questions, Keith or David answers it right away or gets back to us very quickly. They are very understanding with our questions. I would recommend any oil company to purchase this program. I know that our company would be lost without this software! We will never change our software! It is GREAT!

Tina Mapes, Black Bear Fuel, New York

Having worked with several programs drm is just great. With little knowledge on computers I find it is very user friendly. David & Keith make my job easier. You can always know that they are there to help you.

Eileen Bergman, Gallagher Oil Co, PA

We have been with DRM since 1986. Wow how time flies ! As the fuel oil industry is a unique and always evolving business DRM has been there every step of the way. Your program is simple to operate yet the most powerful tool we use. I could not imagine what we would do without it. Dave "Thank You" for a great product and an exceptional support team.

Joe Germain President, Marr Oil Heat Co. MA

Cochecton Oil has used DRM for over twenty five years and the level of Service and quality of product can not be beat. Dave and Keith are there When you need them to get you out of a jam or to simply bring you a new level of service to make your day easier.

Peter and Norma Pierce, Cochecton Oil, NY