About Us

For over 35 years we have been making affordable yet powerful full-featured back-office software specifically for fuel marketers. With over 850 installations under our belt you could say we are very familiar with the nuances and inner workings of your industry.

Our customers range from single truck owner-operator startups to a dealer running a fleet of 45 trucks from offices in multiple locations. We love small business and contributing to your success and growth for many years. We have supported several clients for over 30 years! Obviously the software has evolved tremendously over that time frame and today you’ll find it to be a flexible and easy to use modern system with built-in interfaces to all the popular truck automation, tank monitoring and card lock systems. Our amazing Customer Care Portal provides your customers with the opportunity and convenience of ordering and paying online.

But it doesn’t just end with great software. When you need support, you can depend on us for friendly assistance. Heck we even answer the phone and are usually able to help you out on the spot.

So if you’d like to get to know us better and see for yourself what you can achieve with our software, please give us call at 800-255-5242 or shoot an email off to info@drmnet.com.