Version 3.1.133

Upcoming Enhancements to Credit Card Processing

We would appreciate your feedback

We’re planning to release a new set of features and solutions to enable you to process credit card transactions using the internet.  So instead of having to go to the card processing terminal to authorize a payment, you would do it directly from your computer.  Aside from the efficiency and convenience associated with this, you may even save a buck or two as we’re discovering that available rates for this sort of processing are often considerably lower than traditional processing fees.

There are many ways of implementing internet processing and turning your computers into Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) systems. We want to make sure that our solutions will be completely compatible with how you do business, and we’d like learn what options would benefit you the most. Here are some details on two of the solutions we’re planning to offer.

  1. Scenario 1... Process payments as you Post
  • (Requirement -- the user’s workstation is on the internet.)

  • After saving an invoice for a Credit Card account, the payment is immediately processed and if authorized, a credit transaction is posted automatically to the account along with the verification #.

  1. Scenario 2… Process payments when Posting Totals
  • (Requirement – only the workstation where Totals are posted needs to be on the internet.)

  • After you post an invoice, a "Pending" credit card payment transaction is posted to the account. As part of Posting Totals, you review these transactions and click a button to submit them all at once for authorization. Approved transaction would be automatically updated with the verification #.  You would be able to decide how to handle any denied authorizations.

New features in revision. 3.1.133

New Feature – The DRM Help System

New Feature – Merging Accounts

Mrs. Brown, a realtor, buys a house from Mr. Smith.  Brown plans to keep the house and rent it out.  Normally you would go into Brown’s Cust Info and add a new Site.  But what do you do if Smith is already your customer?  Using Account Merging you can add the Smith property as a new Site to the Brown account.  From then on they will share Brown’s billing information.

New Feature – Splitting Sub-Sites into New Accounts

This is the opposite of account merging.  You pick a sub-account to become a standalone master account, preserving all past activity and history.  You’ll find this useful, for example, in a scenario where a landlord sells one of her properties and you would like all the delivery history to stay with the new owner.

Five New Reports

  1. Delivery Totals by Site and Month:  Pick the date range, fuels and customers to include.  The report displays the number of deliveries and total gallons for each month broken down by site.  The report is designed to fit 12 months worth of information on a single page.

    • Each coupon lists the scheduled payment month, amount and Account #.  If you send these to your budget customers, you can send monthly statements to just the budget customers who are behind with their payments. 

    • Please let us know if you are interested in these laser coupons so we can help Wehof stock sufficient quantities. 

    • You can also print these coupons on plain paper and use it as a hardcopy check-list for receiving budget payments.

  2. Journal Entries By Batch: This report prints the General Ledger Journal Entries for each batch posted within the period specified.  Your accountant will send you chocolates.

  3. Budget Coupons for the Laser Printer:  Each sheet contains up to 12 monthly budget payment coupons (see the sample coupon sheet attached.) 

  4. Degree Day Totals by Date Prints the daily Heat-only and Water degree day totals for each day in the current degree day year.  You should print a copy before resetting your degree days each year.

  5. Degree Day LogPrints a blank degree day log to help you hand-enter degree days for each day in a month.

New Fuel Gauge indicator on Daily Work screen

  • "Warning!"…. Need within 10% of Drop

  • "Drop Alert"… Need is greater than Drop (or fuel in tank is below the reserve level)

  • "Run-Out"… Shows in Red when Need is within 10% of Tank size (or tank is less than 10% full)

  • "Empty" … Need is same as Tank size.

12-month Usage Chart on Daily Work screen

New Posting Feature – Period Locking and Date Checking

You can take advantage of some or all of these new features to cut down on date errors when posting.

  • In order to be used, you have to first turn this feature on and then enter a Period End date.  You will only be allowed to Post or Void transactions with a date later than the Period Close Date.  In Utilities - Options - Posting, "Period Locking - Is Being Used" enables this feature.   Use "Period Locking – Close Date" to set the period ending date.
  • You will no longer be able to Post or Void transactions with a date outside the current Fiscal year.
  • You can choose to receive a warning if you ever enter a date that is either so many days before or after today’s date.  In such an event you can choose to ignore the warning and still post the transaction. 

  • In Utilities - Options – Posting, use the option setting "Warn if transaction is X days in the future", enter how many days into the future you want to allow dates to be entered, or enter a ZERO to skip using this feature.

  • Likewise, for the options setting "Warn if transaction is X days in the past", enter how far back you want to allow dates to be entered, or enter a ZERO to skip using this feature.


New Feature – Go back to the PREVIOUS customer.

New Feature – Flagged Notes

New Options  in Utilities - Options

You use Options to customize the program to your business needs and preferences.

System - Meter Ticket Screen – Show Daily Price

My preferences - Return to Account Lookup after Meter Ticket

Printing - Default Budget Payment Due On

Posting - Delivery History Recs – Adjust Factor Screen

Enhancements to the Statement wizard

Enhancements to Quick Pick

Enhancements to the Transaction Finder wizard

This wizard helps you search key fields and find transactions matching your criteria.

Enhancements to the Tickets Printed wizard and report

  • Main Menu: "Work On Accts (F1)" now reads "Daily Work (F1)"
  • Batch Menu:  "Add Trans (F3)" now reads "Show Floaters (F3)"
  • Cust Info Menu: "Equip" now reads "Serv Info"

Fixes and Small Changes

  1. The Post Totals report has been improved:

    • Significantly faster to post your totals

    • Two new summary sections for Fuel and Charge taxes

    • Improved Journal Entry section simplifies inputting into your General Ledg

  2. When you add a new Site, a scheduled fuel will also be automatically added based on the 1st scheduled fuel settings for the master account.

  3. When using "Print Hist (F8)" to print transaction history for a customer, you can now choose to limit it to just Fuel, Payment, Charge etc. transactions.

  4. When you perform an internal backup, you can now also choose to copy the backup file to media attached to your workstation  (ex. CD, Zip drive, Memory stick)

  5. Customer Popup screen (displayed when you click the "More…" button) now shows the correct Last Charge date.  Also an "F" is displayed after the Last Charge date if the last charge was a finance charge.

  6. When you perform a Move Balance command, the transactions will be posted with the current Posting Date

  7. When you logout you will be shown a message if there are any Delivery Routes older than 2 days

  8. When you logout you will warned if you have an un-posted batch.

  9. When the report Print Preview window appears, you can press <Enter> to print it.

  10. Changes to the menu:

    • Main Menu: "Work On Accts (F1)" now reads "Daily Work (F1)"

    • Batch Menu:  "Add Trans (F3)" now reads "Show Floaters (F3)"

    • Cust Info Menu: "Equip" now reads "Serv Info"

  11. You can no longer post an empty batch after removing transactions from it.

  12. A new section detailing the 1st scheduled fuel has been added to the Account Profile report, aka "Print Cust (F10)", 

  13. The occasional lock-up on the Service Info (Equipment) screen has been fixed.

  14. You can now enter a four-digit security code for credit cards.

  15. You can sort on the Trans # column when viewing a batch.  This allows you to sort the transactions in the order they were entered.

  16. The Meter Ticket screen error associated with typing after an existing memo has been fixed.

  17. In Schedule - Service, Inactive accounts are not displayed.

  18. If a scheduled service is setup for Auto Post, the Next and Last service dates are updated when the Auto Post runs.

  19. The line showing the aged balances on the overdue statement is aligned better.

  20. A wizard to help you pick a customer list will be shown when you choose to print Laser Labels.

  21. When you sort by Billing or Site Name in the Lookup screen, accounts with the same name will be sorted in Account # order

  22. The Credits section in the View Totals report is now labeled "Credits"

  23. In the Posting screen, YTD gallons are displayed for non-Prepay accounts.