Version 2.2.131

New features in revision. 2.2.131

** Note ** The Flow for Posting has been changed slightly

  • Instead of starting with the transaction date, you will now start in the "Invoice Type" field.  This will allow you to quickly change the transaction type if you need to.  As always, you can either choose the appropriate type from the list or type in a "R", "B", "F" or "P". 

  • Press <Enter> to move over to the grid.

  • We think this small change will make Posting easier, but please let us know if this is not the case.

Credit Card Handling 

  • We have added 5 new fields to the Customer Billing Screen for storing credit card information.  The fields are: Name On Card; Card Number, Security Code, Type of Card (V for Visa, MC for MasterCard etc) and Expiration Date.

  • We have added a new checkbox to the Credit Posting Word Setup screen (Utilities\Posting Words).  Check this box to indicate that it's to be used for credit card payments.  You can have more than one Posting Word set-up as a Credit Card and should consider having one just for Budget CC Card Payments if you allow this.

  • We have added a new Credit Card Report (F7) to the Print-Post Totals screen.  This will print out all the credit card payments from a batch, along with each customer's credit card information, to help you process the payments.

You can now setup Auto-Post Credit transactions

You will probably find this most useful for Budget customers who are paying by Credit Card.

  • Open the Auto-Post screen and indicate it is a Credit instead of a Charge

  • Pick the transaction to be posted (example: "BGT PYMT - CC")

  • Choose to use the normal budget payment amount or instead enter a different amount.

  • Choose how often this payment is to be posted.  For Budget Payments simple choose "Budget Plan" for the frequency.

  • Finally, indicate the next time you want this credit to be posted.


  • You can run the "Upcoming Auto-Post Transactions" report to see what transactions are scheduled.

  • On the Month End Wizard, make sure to Process Auto-Post Transactions.

You can now easily Move Balances from one category to another

For example, you can now choose to move a Fuel Asst balance over to Regular, or a Regular balance over to Prepay.

  • Go to View Transactions and choose F10-Move Balance.

  • Pick the balance you want to move and choose where you want it to go.

  • Two adjustment transactions will be added to the account; the first creates a zero balance and the other moves it to the new category.

You can now "Quick Pick" accounts when printing Statements or Labels

The Quick Pick wizard allows you to easily build a list of customers when you know the account numbers.  You can then choose to print from only this list.

  • Choose the Quick Pick option to open the Quick Pick screen. 

  • Type in an account # and press <Enter> to see the account name. 

  • If it's the correct account, press <Enter> again to add it to the list.

  • Double-click on a row to remove one account from the list.

  • Choose "Clear List" to erase the entire list.

  • Press <Escape> when you're done.

Please let us know what you think about Quick Pick and whether there are other places where it might be useful to you.

You can now swap 2 Scheduled Fuels or Services

  • Let's say the 1st Scheduled Service is "BURNER CLEAN" and the 2nd one is "TANK GUARD" but you want it to be the other way around.  Simply go to the Scheduled Service screen and click the new button "Swap with #2".

You can now Delete a Scheduled Fuel or Service

  • Go to the Scheduled Fuel or Service screen and click the Delete button.

  • You will not be able to delete a scheduled fuel if there is any delivery history. Marking it as "Inactive" is usually the best solution.  However, please call us if you still want to delete a scheduled fuel and we'd be happy to help you.

New option to force Customer information to always be in Uppercase

  • Go to Utilities/Options and choose System--“Force Customer Details to be Uppercase..  When this value is Yes, the customer information you type will always be in Caps even if you don't use the Shift or Caps-Lock buttons.

Improvements to sorting Route Stops by Zone

  • You were not able to sort the delivery list after the stops had been added to the route.  Now you can now sort your stops within each zone by clicking on one of the other column headings.  You can also still use the Move Up/Down feature to fine-tune the sorting.

You can now print Envelopes on either your Laser printer or Dot-matrix printer

  • To turn-on Envelope mode, go to Utilities/Options and choose My Preferences -- "Print Envelope instead of Label"

  • To turn-on Laser printing mode, choose My Preferences -- "Print Laser Envelopes"

  •  Because these are personal preferences, whatever you choose will not affect other people in the office.

 Note:  When you're printing a laser envelope, don't load the envelope into the special feeder until after you have chosen F9-Print.  Your printer will then flash, prompting you to load the envelope.

Changes to (F1) Custom Reports (aka One-Liners)

  • New field – Prepay Units.  This shows how many prepay gallons are available to a Prepay customer.

  • New field -- SchedFuelNum.  This is the sequence number for each customer's 1st schedule fuel.  We think you'll find it much easier to write criteria using this number instead of having to type in the fuel description.

  • 30 New Service Info Fields -- ServInfo01Value, ServInfo01Date, ServInfo02Value, ServInfo02Date, etc.  These show the 15 Service Information fields and dates from the Equipment screen. Even though you have to choose a field named ServInfo01Value, the proper name (example BURNER or NOZZLE SIZE) will print on the report.

  • 6 New fields for the 2nd Scheduled Service.  These complement the fields you are used to for the 1st scheduled service: SchedServ2, SchedServNum2, DtLastServ2, DtNextServ2, Contract2, SerNum2

New Report -- "Transaction Totals - A/R Balances by Date"

  • This will breakdown your totals by category (Reg, Bgt, F/A, Prepay) and display the A/R value for a series of dates.  Pick a date range and then indicate whether you want to see Daily, Weekly or Monthly balances.

 You can now print either the Billing or Site Address on Labels and Envelopes

  • If you always want to print the Site Address, go to Utilities/Options and choose Printing -- "Print Site Address on Labels/Envelopes"


  • Use Reports:  Labels - Dot Matrix.  Choose the "Bill Address" or "Site Address" option.


Fixes and Small Changes

  1. Improved handling if you enter a bad date when posting.

  2. Fuel Asst Available is now shown along with the other balances on the main screen.

  3. You can now delete any Custom Reports you had previously saved.

  4. Statements will not be printed for Inactive accounts.

  5. Accounts with a $0 regular balance will not be Finance Charged even if they have "unpaid" invoices.

  6. You will see a letter "B", "F" or "P" in the upper left corner of the main customer screen when it is not a "Regular" account.

  7. The letters "WO" are displayed in the upper right corner of the main customer screen when a work order has been printed.

  8. In the Delivery Scheduling screen, you can now see account balances in the Site Information portion of the screen.

  9. When you enter Degree Day information for a date, it automatically becomes your new Posting Date until you change it.

  10. An account no longer has to be coded as "B" in order for the YTD Budget Payments to be automatically updated.  This value will be updated every time you post a Budget Payment,

  11. The Transaction History report, View Trans - Print Hist (F8), now shows running balances.

  12. When printing this report, you can elect just to print Reg, Bgt, F/A, or Prepay activity.